Gen.Sejusa Returns To Court Today

Hearing of a case seeking to determine whether or not former intelligence coordinator Gen. David Sejusa is still a serving army officer is expected to resume today.

The case resumes before High Court judge Margaret Oumo Oguli at 10; 00am, with Sejusa’s lawyers responding to the Attorney General’s submissions.

Gen. Sejusa accuses government and UPDF Commission and Promotions Board of refusing to retire him yet it no longer pays his salary and other benefits.

Sejusa also contends that his guns and uniforms were withdrawn and that he has not been deployed or facilitated with transport, meals and accommodation.

However government insists that the 90 days with in which the UPDF Promotions Board is mandated to communicate its decision to the application can only apply in instances where an officer applies to resign from active services in the army force and not retire as Sejusa alleges.

Story By Ruth Anderah