Garissa death tall hits 70

 Victim of the Garissa University (Photo credit Daily Nation)
Victim of the Garissa University (Photo credit Daily Nation)

At least 70 hostages have been killed in an attack by al-Shabab Islamist militants on a university in north-eastern Kenya.
At least 79 have been injured while more than 500 students were rescued from the Garissa University College campus.
Interior Minster Joseph Nkaiserry says four of the attackers have been killed, and security operations are ongoing.
An overnight curfew has been issued in parts of the country.
Earlier, the al-Shabab spokesperson told the BBC its members were holding Christians hostage and freeing Muslims.
The Kenyan government has named Mohamed Kuno, a high-ranking al-Shabab official, as the mastermind of the attack, placing a bounty of $217,000 on him.

On phone from Garissa is Kenyan journalist John Allan Namu to give us some more details on this developing story
Allan Namu
Earlier today, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta blamed the attack on Garissa University on inadequacy of security personnel.
Addressing the nation early this afternoon, Kenyatta directed the Inspector General of Police to ensure that the 10,000 police officers whose enrollment was pending report for training immediately.
Kenyatta said Kenya had suffered enough and he could not keep the country waiting.
Kenyatta on Deployment eng.
President Kenyatta has also called for calm among all Kenyan citizens and assured the nation of full deployment in the affected areas.
He has urged Kenyans to unite remain vigilant in the fight against terrorism.
Kenyatta calls for unity eng.
Meanwhile, the Director Interpol Uganda Assan Kasingye has said that the attacks in Kenya will not deter the efforts of East African Countries to fight terrorism.
Kasingye says East African states should continue carrying out joint operations and sharing intelligence information under the Regional Counter Terrorism centre in Nairobi.
Kasingye on terror eng/lug.
This comes as Uganda remains on high alert amid heightened terror threats.