FUFA- Uganda Super League case hearing flops

Hearing of the case filed by the Uganda Super League Ltd against FUFA for termination of a contract has failed to kick off today.

It has been pushed to March 30th because High Court Judge Yasin Nyanzi needed time to peruse the file which had just been allocated him.
Last month Justice Lydia Mugambe disqualified herself from the case due to personal interest and had sent it back to registry for re-allocation.
Meanwhile the interim order that Lydia Mugambe issued restraining FUFA from terminating USL’s contract has expired today and court is yet to decide whether or not to extend.
USL claims that on 14 March 2014 it entered into contract with FUFA to run the football leagues and commercial TV broadcast partners Super Sports Int. which was to enjoy exclusive broadcast rights of football leagues until 2015 /2016 football season.

However, on 30 January this year FUFA terminated the contract and assigned the broadcasting rights to Azam Media U Ltd to broadcast football leagues.

Story by Ruth Anderah