FRONASA veterans threaten to demonstrate

Members of Western FRONASA Veterans Association Uganda who allege to have immensely contributed in combat, material and social support to the armed struggle that brought NRM government into political
leadership are demanding from government to pay them gratuity and pension they had been waiting for over 40 years.

The Western FRONASA Veterans Association Uganda comprises of 300 veterans who claim that for the past forty years they have been patient enough despite of frequent reminders made to relevant offices including the office of the Special Presidential Assistant for Civilian Veterans Western region.

The FRONASA Coordinator Mbarara RT. Lt. Nicholas Kasiisi reveled this during the annual general meeting of Ankole FRONASA Veterans SACCO chaired by Mzei Edward Bushaija held at Safari hotel in Boma Kakoba division Mbarara district on May 20, 2915.

Rt. Lt. Kasiisi in his key note address, at the opening ceremony, explained that for the past forty years as patriots have been ably served government by sacrificing of their time and resources to organize and put to order former combatants which was hectic, he stressed.

He said the biggest disappointment, is to find FRONASA members have been neglected for not coming out openly to fight for their rights on accessing social and economic support from government to improve and maintain their wellbeing.

Kasiisi said, “after forty years of patience in voluntary service our children have failed to join good schools to study, some members have continued to die miserably due to lack of support, really what’s this,” he exclaimed.

Mzei Bushaija advised members to start buying shares and making savings with the Ankole FRONASA Veterans SACCO that will act as a uniting organization that will encourage government to offer economic support as a group than looking for individuals.