Government plans to arrest me, former Premier Mbabazi

Former Premier Mbabazi in deep thought
Former Premier Mbabazi in deep thought

Former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, has written to the police chief complaining of harassment.
This is contained a November 5th letter copied to the Director of Public Prosecutions by his legal team.

“Our client’s attention has been drawn to various print and electronic reports indicating that your respective offices are conducting criminal investigations… with intent to charge him with trumped up serious criminal charges of fraud and money laundering which are politically motivated.

“If the above is true, our client takes a very serious view of the matter. It is our considered opinion that this is a serious violation of the cardinal principles of the constitution of the republic of Ugandan and criminal law,” the letter reads in part.

Amama says there is a plan to subject him to humiliation and degrading treatment on tramped up charges of fraud and money laundering.
However, the IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura says he is not investigating Mbabazi on anything and is yet to receive the letter from Amama’s lawyers.

“I am not aware of any investigations. At least I am not investigating anything,” he said, in a brief interview at the Daily Monitor premises, before adding that, “I have not received this letter.”
In the letter, Mbabazi’s lawyers are demanding that the former Premier be granted full information about the said criminal investigations in order to enable him prepare his defence as required under the constitution of Uganda.

In the letter, however, Amama’s lawyer’s: Messrs Mugisha & Co. Advocates, Messrs Akampurira & Partners, Messrs Muwema and Mugerwa Advocates and Solicitors and Messrs Twinobusingye Severino & Co. Advocates, said that the manner in which the said investigations are being conducted is in bad faith.

“It is politically motivated to curtail our client’s fundamental human rights and freedoms and is intended to ambush him and subject him to humiliation and degrading treatment before the eyes of the public,” the letter reads.
NRM spokesperson and Director of Uganda Media Centre, Ofwono Opondo, however says he is not aware of any investigations going on against Mbabazi but insists that if government were to investigate the former premier he would be informed.
Speaking on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Amos Ngolobe told the Daily Monitor that he was not aware of any investigations against Mbabazi and that his office has not received any letter to that effect.

The copy of the letter that this newspaper has however shows that the DPPs office received the letter on yesterday (November 6 2014).

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