Former NFA boss asks for more time


BY Paul Tajuba.

The former National Forestry Authority (NFA) executive director, Michael Mugisa, on Friday gave an emotional farewell, demanding that office holders be given a chance to serve at least forĀ 10 years.

Mugisa, who handed over office to Tom Obong Okello, said he has not realized the fruits of his sweat, despite helping the Authority recover 70,000 hectares of forest land out of 200,000 from encroachers and planting more than 4000 hectares.

It is from that that he said a seating ED of NFA should be given more time to ensure that all the strategies he thinks of do bear some fruits when he is still in office.

In his speech, the Environment minister Sam Cheptoris tasked the new ED to do everything possible to restore the degraded forests to their original status.

Uganda has faced unprecedented forest cover loss with official figures showing that the country has less than 10 per cent.