Former Nakawa-Naguru tenants vow to reclaim their land

By Damali Mukhaye

The former tenants of Naguru -Nakawa land have given government two weeks to compensate them, or they re-occupy the land forcefully.

Addressing journalists in Nakawa, the chairperson of the Naguru -nakawa estates Simon Barigo says ever since government promised to compensate the evicted residents with over 1000 units, nothing has been seen on ground.

He says some of the residents who have now become of old age have been homeless with nowhere to sleep.

He says failure by government to fulfil their promise, they will resettle in the land forcefully.

Realtedly the Nakawa division MP Micheal Kabaziguruka have asked Parliament to constitute a committee of inquiry into the alleged land grabbing of Naguru -Nakawa land by some top officials.

Kabaziguruka says ever since over 38,000 tenants were forcefully evicted in 2008 to pave way for development of a satellite town, the land has instead been sub-divided and shared among a few officials, a move parliament should investigate.