Former MP held for pretending to be witch-doctor, selling ‘magic wallets’

By Isaac Mufumba.

Former Bubulo West MP Tony Nsubuga Kipoi is battling charges relating to posing as a witchdoctor.

He is set appear before a Broad hurst Court in the Botswana’s Capital Gaborone today for mention of a case in which he is charged with four counts of obtaining money by false pretense.

Kipoi who was arrested in the first week of February is accused of having gone around the city masquerading as a witch doctor and conning swindling more than $30,000 or Shs 111 from four victims in the period between May 2017 and January 20 this year.

According to Botswana’s The Voice newspaper, the former legislator who jumped bail and fled Uganda while awaiting prosecution for several cases including treason and theft is said to have claimed to possess the power to multiply money and cast magic spells for people to get married and have jobs.

However, he is said to have lied to his unsuspecting victims that the power to multiply one’s money could only be got from special wallets that only he could provide.

Under the Penal Code Act of Botswana anyone found guilty of either false pretense or obtaining anything by false pretense is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years.