Former ADF leader Mukulu further remanded

By Ruth Anderah.

The International Crimes Division court has adjourned a pre-trial hearing session of former ADF leader Jamiru Mukulu to the 28th of May 2018.

This is after the DPP asked court for more 2 weeks within which to disclose all evidence he intends to adduce against Mukuluand his37 co-accused.

Assistant DPP John Bapstist Asiimwe also informed presiding judge Eva Luswata that the office of the DPP has just received some physical and documentary evidence from Tanzania 2 months back and adequate time is needed to analyze it before it’s served to the defence lawyers.

Asiimwe also said the 2 weeks will enable them prepare and present an amended charge -sheet in court to include all the 39 suspects, make applications of witness protection measures and also get in touch with the victims.

Justice Luswata has now ordered that all evidence disclosures and viewing of exbhits by defense lawyers be made by not later than May22nd2018.

The judge has also directed the registrar of the court to avail state facilitated lawyers to some of the suspects who cannot afford to pay for their own.

The group including a woman are facing charges of terrorism, murder, crimes against humanity, aiding and abetting terrorism, attempted murder and aggravated robbery.