Forget About Tobacco, Health Ministry Tells Farmers

Tobacco Farmers have been urged to look for alternative means of livelihood following the coming into force of the tough new law on smoking and tobacco sales.

Dr.Shilah Ndyanabangi the National Tobacco Control Focal Person at the ministry of health says the new law that came into effect yesterday will now make it very hard for tobacco farmers to survive.

Ndyanabangi says the ministry of health is more than ready to support the farmers through sensitization.

According to the new law people lighting up in bars, restaurants or hotels now face a $60 dollar fine or a two-month jail term.

Smokers are also required to be at least 50 metres away from public spaces, such as schools, hospitals and taxi ranks.

The new law also bans the sale of electronic cigarettes and flavoured tobacco for water pipes which have become popular in Kampala’s clubs.

Tobacco advertising, promotions, sponsorship and sale of single sticks has all been outlawed.

Story By Dianah Wanyana