FDC’s Kizza Besigye in Court

Court in Kasangati has set the 9th of August to decide the fate of one of the cases against the FDC’s Kizza Besigye arising from the Walk to Work protests.

He faces charges of inciting violence and rioting after a proclamation arising from the events of 14th April during which he battled with the police in a trench.

The state presented two witnesses today including Paul Kato, a CID officer and David Nanju a detective at Kasangati police station.

The officers told Court that Besigye jumped into a trench along Gayaza road, from where he attracted a crowd that later became rowdy, attacking police officers and vehicles driving past.

The defense lawyers however argued that the police never issued the said proclamation.

They say also argue that the prosecution didn’t issue any piece of evidence to prove the charge of inciting violence.

They further told Court that Besigye didn’t have control over the people that were following him on the fateful day, adding that it was the job of the police to direct them.

The prosecution however says that being a political figure, Besigye’s failure to disassociate himself from the crowd makes him responsible.

Grade one magistrate Godfrey Watyekere will decide on Tuesday next week, whether or not Besigye has a case to answer.

Story by Hadijah Mwanje