FDC’s Dr Kiiza Besigye Defends His Defiance Campaign

Jailed former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential Candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye Kiiza Besigye has defended his defiance campaign saying it’s a lawful means by citizens to boldly resist unconstitutional conduct by state agencies.

In his response to the petition filed by the Attorney General that seeks to declare his defiance campaign activities unconstitutional, Besigye does not deny the use of the word defiance throughout his presidential campaigns.

He however says mere the use of this simple English word does not in away breach the constitution or even warrant the wastage of tax payers’ money while seeking for interpretation by the constitutional court.

Besigye also contends that calling for an international election results audit is not illegal as alleged by the Attorney General

Hearing of this petition filed against FDC and Dr. Besigye is slated for tomorrow morning before a panel of 5 Justices of the Constitutional Court led by Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma.

Story By Ruth Anderah