FDC scoffs at M7 plan on security

By Damali Mukhaye.

The opposition forum for Democratic change has scoffed at President Yoweri Museveni’s plan of ensuring a safe City in nine months when he is also planning to revive the local defense units.

While addressing the nation on Saturday, President Museveni said Kampala will be a different city, safe, cleaner and smarter in nine months as government moves to implement the elements of a smart and safe city solution for Uganda.

Addressing journalists at their offices in Najjanakumbi, the party president Patrick Amuriat said the guns the president is planning to handover to the LDU’s and crime preventers could end up in wrong hands thus leading to the death of more people.

He now calls for the training of these groups so that they can easily detect danger and arrest wrong culprits instead arming them.

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