FDC reject electoral reforms, suggest the ones they wanted

By Damali Mukhaye.

The opposition forum for democratic change have rejected the electoral reforms which have been tabled before parliament by the attorney general ,William Byaruhanga saying that they are not the reforms they asked for.

Byaruhanga last week presented the reforms among which political parties are not supposed to associate with pressure groups, cameras and recorders banned from the polling station, security officers to vote five days before the polling date among others.

Addressing journalist at their headquarters in Najjanankumbi,the party deputy spokesperson Jonh Kokonyogo says that cameras can not be banned from the polling stations for transparency purposes asserting that without them, activities of the electoral commission will not be monitored.

He also says that security officers can not vote before the slated date, asserting that the above reforms are going to cause commission in the country ahead of 2021 elections.

He says that the government should instead abolish Public order management bill, military should not be involved in elections,and they also want electoral commission to involve political parties and electoral observers in all political processes.