FDC attack Muntu over age limit consultations

By Damali Mukhaye.

The opposition forum for Democratic change have disowned the nationwide age limit consultations launched this morning by former president Gen Mugisha Muntu for not notifying the party leadership.

The meetings have kicked off in Hoima district under the theme; “country before self,” the campaigns are aimed at creating a new wave for political change.

However, addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanakumbi earlier, the spokesperson of the FDC Women’s League Sarah Eperu said Muntu did not officially inform the party about his consultations.

Eperu adds that the party president Patrick Amuriat is also conducting consultations and so it was necessary for Muntu to hand over his program to the party headquarters for harmonization and support.

Earlier, the FDC Secretary General Nandala Mafabi issued a notice barring any member from holding party activities without clearance from the National Executive Committee.