FDC asks Ugandans to stand up against the land and age limit bill


FDC has warned Ugandans to stand up against the land and age limit bill saying they are both ploys which they should reject both.

Delivering Kiiza Besigye’s condolence message at the burial of FDC Elders league chairman and father to Prosy Naikoba at Kisozi Kamuli September 8,  FDC Vice President Alice Alaso and FDC Minister for the presidency Wafula Ogutu stalwarts said the constitution has all the provisions for the two amendments touted by the regime and are a timebomb.

“Today’s politics of land and age is the same and one thing options- the same sides of the coin-  so choosing one means you have the coin so reject both,” Alaso rallied amidst applause

Alaso challenged the regime to promote unity in diversity, manage the country with peaceful co-existence in practice between the regime and opposition since Uganda is now a multiparty democratic government

Chief mourner Isaac Musumba called for calm over the land bill saying the President himself has come out to clarify and detonate the opposition propaganda against the land bill and will soon be on air in Busoga’s Baba FM radio.

On behalf of the family Prossy Naikoba said her father was a democrat in practice supporting each person for what he deemed good for the people.