Farmer commits suicide over Shs 80,000 Debt

By Julius Ocungi.

A vegetable farmer has committed suicide in Lamwo over an Shs 80,000 debt.

The deceased is identified as 40 year old Mateo Moro, a resident of Lagweedola village, Lakwana Sub County and a father of five died.

He is said to have died after consumingan agro-chemical.

According to the deceased’s wife Agnes Adong, they had both planned to sell a goat and some cassava from their garden to settle the debt.

However at the last minute, Moro chose to stay behind as he hatched evil plan after sending his wife to harvest five bags of cassava.

Hours later, Adong returned home to find her husband fighting for his life.

Several attempts to save his life by forcing milk, raw eggs and cooking oil down his throat were all futile.

The deceased left a suicide note asking his young brother, Caesar Omara to take care of his family.