Express penalty scheme scraped.

By Ssebuliba Samuel.

The Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety has issued guidelines to be followed by all traffic officers along major highways.

Yesterday, the head of the Directorate Dr Steven Kasima met traffic police commanders, stationed at selected major highways including Masaka, Jinja and Kampala –Gulu to review the performance of the Fika-Salama operation which was launched in August last year.

Fika-Salama is a Kiswahili phrase which means Arrive or Reach Safely.

Speaking to Kfm, the traffic police spokesperson Charles Ssebambulide said that under the new arrangement, anyone arrested for contravening traffic laws will be jailed as opposed to the previous system of issuing fines under the Express penalty scheme.

He said that they have also resolved to deploy mobile police patrols that will be manning areas without police check points.

The new directive follows Sunday’s tragic accident which claimed nine lives along the Masaka-Kampala road.