Execution rumors of Ugandans in China dismissed

By Ritah Kemigisa:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has dismissed social media reports that a number of Ugandans in China were lined up for execution as false.

Social media has been awash with reports that 23 Ugandan prisoners in China were set to be hanged over drug trafficking offences.

Speaking on KFM’s hot seat show last evening the minister of state for Foreign Affairs Henry Oryem Okello said the list in circulation is one of Ugandans who a number of years ago were sentenced to death but were later granted a 2 year amnesty by the Chinese courts and later the sentence was reduced from death to life imprisonment.

Oryem has meanwhile condemned all those who go abroad and engage in criminal activities like drug trafficking saying they are damaging the country’s image in the diaspora.

The ministry further clarifies that the Chinese government has not scheduled executions of any Ugandan prisoners.

The Ministry says it is to continue carrying out bilateral discussions with the Chinese government on a few pending issues.