Entire budget process was messed up – Wafula Oguttu

Meanwhile the leader of opposition in parliament Wafula Oguttu says the entire budget process was messed up.

Speaking after the passing of the budget Wafula said that Ministry of Finance did not handle the budget well because of the transition.

Wafula says The Appropriation Bill, 2015 should have gone to the Budget Committee for scrutiny before it’s passed but this was not done.

The passing of The Appropriation Bill, 2015 containing the approved budget figures for all sectors of the economy was the last act in a protracted budget process that has ushered in a new budget cycle, requiring Parliament to approve the budget before it’s read to the nation.

However, deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah disagreed with Wafula but agreed that the House had difficulties.

Olanya says for every decision that was taken, the House was fully constituted.