Entebbe airport is safe, Gen. Kayihura


The Police have dismissed reports of security loopholes at Entebbe international airport.

The Inspector General of Police has re-assured the general public of total safety of Entebbe airport, dismissing earlier media reports to that effect.

The police chief while passing out the Aviation Security personnel at the Police Training School in Kabalye in Masindi district over the weekend, is quoted to have said that the Airport was at the mercy of terrorists.

According to statement from the police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the IGP stressed the critical need for the Civil Aviation Authority to invest in special high tech equipment, and maintained the need for thorough human body checking systems.

He explained that Entebbe International Airport and all other airfields in the country are safe and secure and so passengers must not panic though neighborhood watch is needed.

Meanwhile,  the police are moving to secure mosques against terrorists during Ramadhan.

The police director of operations has directed all police commanders at all levels to secure places were Muslims will be converging for prayers and breaking of the fast.

The directive follows various terror alerts issued by security personnel over the growing threat of the Somali al- Shabaab militants.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga says the counter terrorism police unit has been deployed in all places of worship to ensure total security.