Eng. Badru Kigundu Appears Land Probe

By Ruth Anderah.

The former Electoral Commission chairman Eng. BadruKigundu is appearing before the commission of inquiry into land matters over the disputed Isimba Hydro Power Dam Land.

Eng. Kigundu who was appointed by the president to oversee the construction of Isimba and  MW Karuma Hydro Power Dams  told Land probe chairperson Justice Catherine Bamugemeire that many people were compensated for their land but instead some came back asking  for more.

According to Eng Kigundu all claimants who are bibanja holders were compensated in 2014 but to their surprise through their lawyers from different firms which includes Kampala Associated advocates, Galisonga and Company advocates and other law firms are asking billions of money saying the value was low.

The claimants want compensation of worth 132 billion shillings.