Encroachers evicted

The police and the military have evicted encroachers at the Lubiji wetland.

Thousands flocked the wetland this week and put up structures reportedly for a makeshift market.

The encroachers who claim to be NRM war veterans say they don’t have land and accuse the government of ignoring their plight.

A joint operation of the police and military however saw the encroachers evicted this morning.

The police fired teargas and bullets into the air to disperse the crowds and remains heavily deployed in the area.

The police regional commander for the Kampala North Micheal Mugabe has however told the encroachers, that government will secure them alternative land.

Meanwhile, the police have returned the cameras that were earlier confiscated from journalists who were covering the saga at Lubigi.

The journalists whose equipment was taken include Umaru Kyeyune of UBC,  Stephen Otage of the Daily Monitor, Ivan Mukasa of Bukedde and Ivan Mutebi of Eddoboozi.

The cameras were returned by the police spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan region Ibbin Senkumbi, who says the confiscation of gadgets arose from a breakdown in communication and should never have happened.

This comes just days after security agencies battered journalists as they covered the return of the FDC Leader col. Kizza Besigye from Nairobi.

Story by Victor Anecho