Emin Baro for retrial

Emmin Baro with his lawyer Macdusmand Kabega

The High Court in Nakawa has ordered a re-trial of Turkish pedophile Emmin Baro.

Baro had earlier pleaded guilty to charges of computer misuse and possession of child pornographic material.
He is also alleged to have molested 50 young girls, who were forced to suck his genitals.

Nakawa grade one magistrate Rose Mary Bareebe had sentenced him to 2years in prison or a fine of 6million shillings, but a higher court ruled that she over stepped her powers.

High Court Judge Faith Mwonfa has now ordered a re-trial of the case saying crucial evidence in the case, which includes the pornographic material in which children appear, was not presented before court.

Justice Mwonda also observed that the sentence of 6milion shillings was not under the jurisdiction of the trial magistrate.

Baro has now been remanded back to Luzira from where he will await the court’s summons.