Electoral Commission tasked to clean up its image

By Ritah Kemigisa

Political Analysts have asked the electoral commission to clean its image if the elections in the country are to have true meaning.

Prof. Sabiti Makara, a lecturer of political science at Makerere University says the current elections a mere ritual of regular election and not free and fair as it always claimed.

Speaking during the National Dialogue on Political Parties and Constitutionalism held in Kampala on Friday, Prof Makara, said the same mistakes are witnessed whenever there is any elections across the country.

He further reveals that the commission is infiltrated with many bad elements among them the presiding officers at the local level that are allegedly being bribed.

He also wonders where the commission’s power lies since the army, police and Local Defence Units (LDUs) continue to take center play.

Makara also challenges the commission to deal with the problem of cash handouts which he says makes the poor voters vulnerable at the hands of the rich who are contesting.