EALA dogged by financial impropriety-says a new report

A new audit report has revealed that the East African Legislative Assembly is dogged by financial impropriety.
The report of the committee on accounts on audited accounts of the East African Community for the year ending 30th June 2013 shows that EALA spent about 44.3 million on two staff who were sent to Dubai to attend a training on how to use Microsoft Windows 10, however there is no evidence that the human resource department was involved in the approval process.
It further notes that the regional Parliament spent 50 million as per diem to facilitate attendance of funeral ceremonies.
The EAC secretariat spent a total of 3.4 million dollars on air travel, which translates to about 10% of its total expenditure for the year under review.
However, it was discovered that in most of the travel tickets procured, names of people to whom air tickets were issued differed from those on the authorization forms.
However the EAC Management responded that their activities are implemented in the five partner states and the calendar of activities clearly indicates where meetings should be held and so staff has to travel.