Draru sentenced to 14years in jail

Lydia Draru who has been convicted on charges of man slaughter over the killing of Major General James Kazini has been sentenced to 14 years in jail. She was earlier acquitted of murder charges and convicted her on man slaughter.

Justice Monica Mugyenyi has ruled that the prosecution failed to prove that Draru killed Kazini intentionally.

Kazini was killed in 2009 in Namuwongo, a Kampala suburb.

The judge pointed out the fact that there was a gun with 3 bullets in the deceased’s car, saying that it’s possible that Kazini was killed on his way to pick it with intentions of finishing off Draru.

She also highlighted the fact that there was violence before the crime, pointing out the broken glass table that was found in the house.

Justice Mugyenyi further noted that Draru confessed to the crime right from the start and has maintained that there was no intention to kill.

She ruled that the prosecution failed to prove the charge of murder and convicted Draru on manslaughter, adding that she was convinced that Draru killed in self-defense.

Speaking shortly after her conviction, Draru asked the court, the government and family of the deceased for forgiveness, saying she didn’t intend to kill the deceased.

The prosecution had however pleaded for a bigger sentence, saying Draru is a danger to the men in society.

Story by Ruth Anderah