Draru faints in Court

Lydia Draru, who pleaded guilty to the murder of Major General James Kazini has fainted in court.

Draru collapsed after Justice Monica Mugyenyi ruled that the prosecution has established a prima facie case on charges of murder and asked her to defend herself on the same.

Draru confessed to having killed General Kazini but insisted that she did not intend to murder him and wanted the charges reduced to man slaughter.

The prosecution however insisted that the murder was deliberate and has gone ahead to present several witnesses to prove the same.

The witnesses included 2 doctors, a niece to Draru who witnessed the crime, a government analyst and a police detective who investigated the case.

Justice Monica Mugyenyi says Draru should be returned to Court this afternoon to begin her defense in the matter.

Major General Kazini was killed on 10th November 2009 at Namuwongo, a Kampala suburb.

Story by Ruth Anderah