Drama Mars Rubaga North Court Petition

The hearing of Rubaga North election petition took a new twist this morning, with the area Member of Parliament Singh Katongole claiming that he does not know the English language.

Katongole who was due for cross-examination this morning refused to take the stand, demanding for an interpreter for Punjabi language, which he claims to speak.

The Punjabi language is mainly spoken in India and Pakistan and according to the Wikipedea, it is spoken by about 88 million people worldwide, making it the 12th most widely spoken language in the world.

Justice Kibuka Musoke however challenged him, saying he did not campaign for votes in Punjab.

The judge adjourned the case for 10 minutes, giving the MP time to reflect and decide which language he would use. Singh Katongole later chose to use Luganda and the hearing is now on going in Luganda.

His election is being challenged by his political rival Moses Kasibante who also claims to have won the same race.

Story by Ruth Anderah