Dr. Nyanzi not interested in being released on bail

By Ruth Anderah.

Makerere University Researcher Dr. StellahNyanzi has denied allegations that she attacked the privacy of the President Museveni and his late mother Esteri Kokundeka.

However immediately she pleads not guilty to offence  Dr. Nyanzi  informs Buganda road court that she has no interest in being released on bail.

She informed a Grade one magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu that as a poetess , she has been writing extensively about what she terms as an illegitimate regime of president M7 and she wonders why at this time the president claims to have taken offense when she writes about his late mother.

Nyanzi also explained to court that she is not interested in applying for bail  and rather stays in prison to teach other women to write on Facebook .

Nyanzi also wondered when the prosecutor Jane Kitimbo told court that police is stil investigating the matter when  the alleged obscene words that offended the president are clearly written on her official Facebook page .

She  has now been taken back on remand until November 22nd but  court has ordered police to expedite its investigations and have her quickly tried .

However before Nyanzi denied the 2 counts of cyber harassment and offensive communication, prosecution first tendered in court an amended charge sheet detailing more particulars of the offenses and removing the name “Kokundeka ”

Prosecution states  that Nyanzi between the 16th and 17th September 2018 with an intention of disturbing the peace of President M7  posted obscene messages on her official face book page(StellahNyanzi)  while attacking the privacy of the  President and that of his late mother Esteri .