Dr Kiiza Besigye “today was my last appearance in court “

Former FDC presidential candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye is to petition the Constitutional court over his continuous appearances before lower courts with no powers to try capital offences.

This followed Nakawa grade one magistrate Noah Sajjabi said he lacked jurisdiction to try treason advising him to raise his concerns before the trial High court where he reports every month for fulfillment of his bail terms.

Besigye told presiding grade one magistrate Noah Sajjabi that today was his last appearance in court unless he is brought again as a prisoner.

This came after prosecution requested to have his treason case adjourned to another mention date as police inquiries were still on-going.

Court has adjourned the case to the 27th/ Feb/2017 for further mention

The former FDC leader was 8 months ago arraigned before Nakawa Magistrates court and charged with Treason accused of trying to ascend himself into the office of the president of Uganda without following the renowned legal processes.

The DPP further states that Besigye committed this offence through numerous acts including his usual utterances that he won the February 2016 polls on top of  swearing in himself as president of the Republic of Uganda.