Dr. Besigye’s House Vandalized

Police is Rukungiri have arrested one person alleged to have vandalized Dr Kizza Besigye’s house in Rwakabengo cell Division Rukungiri municipality.

The suspect has been identified as Andrew Ngabirano, a resident of Kiyaga cell Western Division.

According to the Rukungiri District Police Commander Ronald Wotwali, police was alerted by the guards and the housekeeper, a one Gauda Kemigisa.

He adds that Ngabirano allegedly vandalized the power system at the main house, the door to the main living room and the solar power house.

However according to one of the neighbors James Mukumi was raised at the Christ the King Church in Rukungiri but recently developed a mental problem.

He is currently detained  as investigations continue.

Story by Alfred Tumushabe