DPP’s office lacks funds to facilitate witnesses

The Director of Public Prosecutions has reacted over long adjournments given in cases due to lack of witness facilitation.

The DPP Mike Khibita explained this while attending a case backlog reduction committee chaired by Court of Appeal Justice Richard Buteera.

He said the funding is not sufficient enough to   expeditiously dispose of cases, calling for funding to facilitate witnesses which is given to Judiciary should be removed and given to their office to easy their work.

Khibita says the little funding also caused the adjournment of a case where 14 Sheikhs including Tabliqs leader Yunus Kamoga accused of masterminding the death of Muslim clerics.

He also starched on unnecessary adjournments by defence lawyers which promotes case backlog and asked civil courts to stop interfering with criminal matters by blocking the hearings of some cases.