Dp reiterates call for Electoral reforms

The Democratic Party has reiterated the call for electoral reforms and an ethical independent electoral body reflected both in words and personnel.

This follows lasts weeks USA presidential elections that portrayed high moral standards after Donald Trump emerged as winner despite him not being the preferred choice because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

Addressing Journalists at the party headquarters, the Party Publicist Secretary, Paul Kenneth Kakande says if the country had such a system and a national consensus in place, leaders would not have to educate the citizenry about patriotism.

The party also urged President Yoweri Museveni to emulate the US example where people still wanted Barrack Obama but he could not contest again because of the law for a peaceful regime change.

The Electoral commission of Uganda has always been appointed by the president and to the opposition; results out of it can never be free and fair because decisions are run by an invisible hand therefore not independent.