DP leadership in Mukono has declared a ban on party president Nobert Mao

By Ivan Senabulya

The Democrat Party leadership in Mukono has declared a ban on the party president Nobert Mao from operating party activities in Mukono municipality and the entire District.

The party executive in Mukono is demanding an apology from Hon Mao in 15 days and has given 48 hours to withdraw  statements that they say were undermining the Kabaka.

The party chairperson in Mukono municipality Hajih Lukeman Ssegayi has sat a meeting at the DP offices in Mukono this afternoon where they agreed on the position.

They say Hon Moa and his Deputy Fred Mukasa Mbidde and the secretary General Gerald Siranda conives with police to disrupt party activities and that is behind all the persecutions to the party vice president Buganda region Betty Nambooze.

They call for an apology and want the proper investigations in the party misunderstandings with Nambooze.

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