DFCU explains why they sacked former Crane Bank employees

By Moses Kyeyune.

After many years of silence regarding the sacked former employees of Crane bank, DFCU has today explained that the move was done to streamline its staff and avoid duplication.

Over 400 employees of Crane Bank lost their jobs after DFCU took over the general operations of the defunct bank, including its branches across the country, forcing some of them to run to court seeking for 48 billion shillings as a remedy.

Jimmy Mugerwa, the chairperson of DFCU Group has today told parliament’s committee of COSASE that they already had a staff base of over 1200 employees and that it was only necessary to restructure and integrate the new employees bearing in mind the duplication of roles, differences in technology and related processes.

He says that further considerations were the cost-benefit analysis of employing expatriates for jobs that could be done by Ugandans within the structure.

For whichever consideration, Mugerwa has said that the lay-off process was informed on academic qualifications in regard to DFCU requirements, disciplinary and performance record.

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