Desh pinned by former panamera employee for murdering colleague

Car Motor rally driver Desh Kananura has been pinned by his former employee for murdering one of his colleague Badru Kateregga over a  shs 10,000 note , atip he got from a client.

Taika Emmanuel was working as a service associate at Panamera bar in Naguru owned by Desh Kananura.

He has told  Justice Joseph Murangira that on 29th /September/2012 around 4am he saw Desh pull out his employee Badru Kateregga, from the bar and took him behind  a counter and undressed him  for a through check- up  in his pockets.

Taika says  Desh got hold of a wooden handle of a scrubbing brush and roughly beat-up Kateregga demanding for more  money from him and  an explanation of how long he had been sniffoning his  company’s  money.

In response the pleading Kateregga told Desh that the money had been given to him as a tip by  a one Kenneth Kirenzi;  bar attender.

Desh then ordered his brother also co-accused Raymond Kananura and  relocated  Kateregga  to a gazetted place behind the kitchen where Desh used to pack his vehicles.

Desh, Raymond, and his private security guards who were armed with a scrubbing brush, batoon, and water pipes then resumed beating the two victims for about an hour.

Desh and his  group  of five including Raymond Kananura and the said security guards are on trial for the alleged murder of his Badru Kateregga