Deputy AG implores EAC leaders to stop Zziwa’s impeachment

EALA Speaker Margaret Zziwa
EALA Speaker Margaret Zziwa

The Deputy Attorney General Fred Ruhindihas asked the East African Heads of State are asked to prevail over their country representatives at the regional parliament and stop the impending impeachment of the Speaker.

The call is made  in his 14 page  letter to the president dated November 29th, in which he also says that Margaret Zziwa’s suspension was misconceived.

Ms Zziwa was suspended two weeks ago and replaced by Chris Opoka as interim speaker to allow the legal and privileges committee to investigate the allegations leveled against her within 21 days.

Now Ruhindi is asking that the Council urgently convenes, deliberates on the issue and make recommendations to the summit on how best the EALA Issues can be resolved.

Mr. Ruhindi asserts the Zziwa’s suspension by an extraordinary sitting in Nairobi, is not in conformity with EAC treaty and the rules of the EALA which don’t provide for the suspension of the speaker.

The letter is also copied to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, the Attorney General, the Minister of State, for East African Community Affairs and the Solicitor General.

This comes days after Ruhindi said he had been instructed to look into the EALA saga to get to the root cause of the standoff.

Story by Stephen Kafeero.