Defense state minister warns politicians on fights against military installations


State Minister for Defense Col Charles Engola has warned local government leaders against rallying community members to reject security installations by government.

In an interview with Daily Monitor, Engola says attempts to establish military units in several parts of the country have met stiff resistance from political leaders who incite residents not to offer their land for such developments.

Engola cites Orom Sub County in Kitgum district where he says the political leadership has incited residents not to offer land for the establishment of an army barracks.

He says the UPDF is not interested in taking over people’s land but takes keen interest in protecting the peace and security of Ugandans.

Last year when President Yoweri Museveni went for the memorial service of former president Tito Okello Lutwa in Kitgum district, local leaders of Orom Sub County appealed to him to have an army barracks put up in the area.