CSO’s urge government to reconsider social media taxes

By Ssebuliba Samuel.

Civil society organizations under their coalition of tax justice system have urged government to reconsider its decision on introduction of taxes on social media as an incentive to digitalization of Uganda’s economy.

Under the excise duty amendment bill 2018, government is planning to impose 200 shillings per user of social media per day as a mean to boost Uganda’s taxable income.

Speaking to media today Nelly Busingye the advocacy officer at SEATIN Uganda said that collecting this tax is going to be costly to Uganda revenue authority with these new emerging technological complications.

She said that this type of tax has not been piloted or benchmarked from any country, thus collecting it may require more money that it’s intended to contribute to the national budget.

These are now asking government to abandon this tax since it will not support government’s policy of encouraging youth to embrace technology.