CSOs up in arms over Electronic Crime Counter Unit

By Ivan Ssenabulya.

Civil Society Organizations are up in arms over the operations of the Electronic Crime Counter Measure Unit, which monitors internet users in the country.

The report released today by the Unwanted Witness shows that 25 people arrested since its establishment in 2011, such as Dr. Stellah Nyanzi, Red Pepper journalists among others none of their case has been successfully prosecuted with conviction.

The organization’s Chief Executive Officer Dorothy Mukasa says the operations of the unit are illegal, with intent to create fear among internet users.

She has asked Uganda police to also make the unit’s operations open for public scrutiny and accountability.

Unwanted Witness is now calling for a legislation which will protect people’s privacy on the internet.

However the Unit was established to enforce the computer Misuse Act and many have been arrested and charged through the law.