CSOs Attack Parliament For Passing Public Finance Amendment Bill

The passing of the Public Finance Management (Amendment) Bill 2015 continues to draw fierce reaction from various circles.
The amendments were passed yesterday amid protest from opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) against a clause that gives government leeway to access funds from the Central Bank without prior approval of Parliament.
Following protracted debate members resolved to allow parliament to access 10% of collected revenues which is below the government earlier request of 18%.
the executive director Anti- corruption Coalition Uganda Ms. Cissy Kagaba says this is likely to encourage unregulated borrowing and expenditure by government, thus crippling the entire national economy.
Kagaba says technically parliament has surrendered its cardinal roles of legislating and appropriating resources.
Meanwhile, Mr.Henry Muguzi the National Coordinator of Alliance for Campaign Finance Monitoring says the timing of the amendments is questionable.
Muguzi also wonders why the law that only came into force in February this year has not been given the test of time. “The Public Finance Management Act was a culmination of 3 years’ discussion, why has not the law been allowed to be tested”, said Mr. Muguzi.

Story By Samuel Ssebuliba