Court to decide whether or not to cancel Dr. Nyanzi’s bail

By Ruth Anderah

Buganda Road Court is this morning set to decide whether or not to cancel Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s bail and send her back to Luzira prison on remand.

Dr. Nyanzi, a Research Fellow at Makerere University has gained fame for expressing her frustration with the government using explicit language on social networking site Facebook.

She is expected before Buganda Road Court Chief magistrate James Mawanda Ereemye. 

This is after the Resident State Attorney Jonathan Muwaganya asked court to cancel Dr. Nyanzi’s bail  saying  she  had abused one of  her bail terms  by posting a  comment on her face book page  attacking the prosecutors handling her computer misuse case, by describing them as “people wearing unfitting Chinese coats and underwear”.

Magistrate Ereemye is also expected to determine whether or not to suspend hearing Nyanzi’s criminal case until the Constitutional court pronounces itself on a petition she filed challenging the Mental Treatment Act.