Court sets a date to rule on MTN deported boss

By Ruth Anderah.

High court Judge Henrietta Wolayo has concluded hearing a case in which Deported MTN Chief Executive Officer Wim Joris Vanhellepute filed against Ugandan Government seeking orders to quash his deportation.

After hearing the application Justice Wolayo said she will deliver her ruling on June 7th of this year.

Vanhellepute  in his suit before High Court in Kampala says,  the said order labelled him as a desirous and prohibited immigrant yet he has been a law abiding citizen and has no trace of a  criminal record for the 25 years he has stayed in Uganda.

Vanhellepute who was against his will repatriated to his native country Beligum

filed a suit against Attorney General through his  lawyers from  Birungi and company advocates demanding damages from government for his violated rights to a fair hearing , just treatment and illegal detention .

Court heard that  his troubles began on January  29th 2019 when he was summoned by the Special Investigations Unit at Kireka and accused of communicating to the deported MTN staff, to which he was also asked to record a statement.

That he was then ordered to report back at SIU on February 14th 2019 but despite explanations to police that he needed to communicate to the deported staff because they had not yet officially handed over ofifce ,  he was simply detained, drove to Entebbe Airport ,  handed over to aviation security and at 11. 59 pm , was deported through an SN Brussels Flight.

Vanhellepute claims he was neither  given an opportunity to explain himself  to Minsiter Jeje Odongo before signing the Order that  declared  him unwanted in Uganda nor communicate to his  Ugandan wife; Barbra Adoso and 2 children who are residents at Lubowa in Makindye.

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