Court nullifies election of Singh Katongole

The High court has declared Moses Kasibante the legally elected MP Rubaga North and ordered Singh Katongole to vacate the seat immediately.

High court judge Vincent Musoke Kibuuka has ruled that the contested vote recount that saw Singh Katongole MP was illegal and is void.

Kasibante was first declared MP but his victory was over-turned by a vote recount ordered by Mengo chief magistrate Phillip Odoki.

Justice Kibuuka has ruled that the chief magistrate was fatally wrong in ordering the vote re-count, choosing to ignore a high court order against the same.

He also observed that a vote recount can only be conducted by a magistrate or any judicial officer and not a returning officer as was the case.

Justice Kibuuka also questioned the hurry in gazetting Singh Katongole, which was done immediately after the vote recount.

The judge has upheld the initial results declaring Moses Kasibante winner and directed the Katongole to leave Parliament with immediate effect.

The court has ordered both Singh and the Electoral Commission to pay the costs of the suit.