Court Issues Criminal Summons Against Kiiza Besigye

Nakawa chief magistrate’s court has issued criminal summons against former FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye after he failed to appear in court today as earlier ordered.

State prosecutor Racheal Nabwire informed Presiding Grade one magistrate Noah Sajjabi that Besigye was not present in court for mention of the treason case against him.

Nabwire then asked court to issue criminal summons against Besigye adding that she had not received any explanation as to why he had not turned up today.

Magistrate Sajjabi has now signed summons requiring Besigye to appear in court on the 27th/March 2017 for further mention of his case as police investigations are still on-going.

However on his previous appearance last month, Besigye told magistrate Sajjabi that he would not return to this court for further mention of the case unless he was arrested and brought as a prisoner.

Besigye said he took this decision after the DPP failed to commit him to the High court for trial in the last eight months.

He also petitioned the High court-criminal division head judge Wilson Kwesiga over  numerous appearances in the lower Nakawa court which lacks jurisdiction to try  treason offences.

Justice Kwesiga will hear Besigye’s application on the 22nd/March 2017.