Court concludes Draru hearing

Court has today concluded hearing of the case against Lydia Draru over the murder of major general James Kazini.

Draru took to the stand to defend herself today, while both the prosecution and defense gave their final submissions.

State attorney Fred Kakooza in his final submissions asked court to uphold the charge of murder.

He asked the judge to consider the nature of the injuries, the part of the body and the nature of the weapon used to kill major general James Kazini as proof of intention to kill.

He adds that the part of the body targeted, the head is a very delicate part of the body which shows intention to kill.

Draru’s Annett Mutabingwa on the other hand argued that her client did not intend to kill and that she hit the deceased in self defense.

Doctor Tadeos Barungi who examined the body told court last week that Major Kazini died of excessive bleeding caused by the injuries on the head.

Draru will be hoping to have the charge reduced to man slaughter but the prosecution wants the murder charge maintained, insisting that she killed him deliberately.

Major General Kazini was killed on 10th November 2009 at Namuwongo, a Kampala suburb.

The case has been adjourned to 31st of this month for summing up by assessors.

Story by Ruth Anderah