couple has drags Maries Stopes to High court

A couple has dragged a family planning service provider Maries Stopes Uganda to High court seeking orders to care and educate their unplanned child allegedly conceived after they had performed a permanent tubal ligation on the wife.

Jackson and Mary Okiring claim were advised by a Marie stopes agent in Mbale to undergo a bilateral tubal ligation which is a permanent family planning method since they had a sizable number of children and faced financial constraints.

They were convinced that Mary would never conceive again on subsequent sexual intercourse.

However the couple says in 2016, they were shocked to learn that Mary was pregnant despite repeated assurances from Maries stopes Uganda not to use other family planning methods.

The couple says it has so far incurred 2.5 million shillings as expenses of raising a unplanned child and subjected to stress and pain resulting from the negligence of Maries stopes agents.

They now want court to order Marie’s stopes compensate them with their 2.5 million shillings in addition to guarantee the care and Education of this child.