COU set to remember Archbishop Janani Luwum

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali
Archbishop Stanley Ntagali

Arrangements have been finalized to expand the annual remembrance of the Archbishop Janani Luwum into a major international celebration.
This has been announced by the head of the Anglican Church in Uganda Arch Bishop Stanley Ntagali.
The initiative seeks to turn the tragic day of February 16 1977 into a ‘special’ celebration with the establishment of a charity; St. Janani Luwum Memorial Charity.
The Archbishop says the St. Janani Lumum day will be celebrated on February 16 this year in Mucwini Village Kitgum District where he was buried.
He said the memorial service will be led by the Archbishop of York John Ssentamu and Archbishop John Baptist Odama of the Catholic Archdiocese; who are also patrons of the St. Janani Luwum memorial charity.
The late Luwum was arrested on false charges from the Namirembe House and he was brutally killed by soldiers of the Idi Amin’s government.