Construction company Dott Service Ltd Sued, Again

Basco products U Ltd has dragged road construction company Dott Service Ltd to High Court seeking to recover over 50 million shillings worth paint supplied.

Basco claims that on 1 January 2015 entered into a contractual relationship with Dott services wherein it continuously supplied paint products to it at its various construction sites.

It adds that as a result of the long standing contractual relationship Basco supplied huge volumes of paint to Dott services on credit since 2015 and in a bid to pay, it issued the paint company with post -dated cheques which were dishonored.

Basco contends that despite numerous demands Dott services has failed to pay.

Now Bosco wants Court to compel Dott to pay for the paint and costs of the suit.

Court has given Dott service 10 days to respond to the case before it is set for hearing.